Monday, August 3, 2009

New Poster Things...

These rule hard.  Especially that Tyvek one.  Hot.....I'd go as far as to say the Tyvek one is hot with two t's....hott.


Friday July 24th, this guy, along with Brian Holderman's jem, made it's public debut at the Andy Warhol Museum here in Pittsburgh.  Titled "Funland," the opening went swimmingly, and was super attended to the max.  Rad times were had by all.
the official website for the project is  There's a really great link to a pro photo set of the machines and the opening which i highly recommend you check out.
Above are some poorly lit random photos i've taken of Freak Out...check tiltwarning for way better shots.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

buy this next week in canadiah.

My NXNE poster i made to hopefully get me money so i have gas to get back to Pittsburgh.

As usual, the image is a photo, and the colors are a little off, but you get the idea.  that's what matters...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NXNE Stuff...

Next week!  Toronto!  Posters, music, and surely other things, like Poutine.

here's a link to the NXNE site where i did a shot q&a thing.  check it out if you'd like.

i'll be at this thing for three days.  hopefully I don't lose it.

If you have suggestions for vintage/used record stores that are amazing in Toronto, please feel free to pass along ideas.

NXNE poster design will be up soooooooooon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Upcoming things!!!

I'll be at NXNE (the Canadian SXSW) in the middle of June...i want to say the 17th through the 20th.  Toronto.  Some good bands, probably see some folks i know, and i've never been to Toronto, so why not.  Canada, i'll give you art and sweet shirts if you give me your money.  dont let me down.  i'll need it to buy records while i'm there.

In July, i'll hopefully be participating in the good ol' Flatstock in Chicago, happening during the always pleasant Pitchfork Music Festival.  I'm really only excited to see the Jesus Lizard, but i'm sure some other half way decent bands will be playing as well.  I'll have even more new shirts, prints, art of some bizarre nature to sell at this shindig.  Chicago, i'm also asking you for some monetary support so i can buy more records.

in the distant but not really all that far away future, i'm looking to do Flatstock in Seattle in September, a show in Michigan in September, maybe Flatstock Europe if i can get my business together for more than a minute, and probably another show in October in Virginia.  things are going to get even busier i guess.  i don't like how busy it is now, so we'll see how this all goes.

Upcoming things include a group show here in Pittsburgh.  Curated by Unicorn Mountain, Pgh's bad ass comic collective.  It's going to be at the Mendelson Gallery in Shadyside, and opens on June 15th.  

Pinball, Pinball, Pinball.  I'm currently working on re-artworkatizing a Williams Doozie pinball machine.  Playfield has been redesigned and painted.  artwork for the plastics has been drawn.  Cabinet stencils have been worked out.  Backglass art is in the formative stages.  it's going to be sweet, and you are going to be able to play it.  it's pretty top secret, so dont tell your mom.  she'll tell the ladies down at the Airbrushed Nail Store, or Curves, or at least at the old standby, the hair salon.  then it won't be such a secret.  More info on this as it goes down.  Should hit the light of day in August at the latest.

I'm in a show now at Signed and Numbered in Salt Lake City.  80's movie quotes themed show.  i couldn't come up with artwork that did "You'll get nothing and like it!" justice, so i did Chamberlain from the Dark Crystal saying "Mmmmmm...the prophecy!"  It's alright.  you can buy it from them.  if they are out, lemme know.  

that's about it.

Hopefully...things to come.

I lieu of a proper website at the time, i'm going to try my damnedest to keep up on this thing.  Posting pics of new work, info about shows i'm in, places i'll be, records i'm stoked on, how i want you to send me old psych and krautrock records, and many more ridiculous topics.

we'll see how this goes...